Hisd Homework Policy Letter



I. The general grading policy of Heights High School is guided by the following principles

   A. A student should take advantage of all educational opportunities


   B. A student’s grade should reflect relative mastery of course content


   C. A student’s grade should reflect the relative quality of the work produced


   D. A student should be afforded a reasonable opportunity to remedy a failing grade


   E. A student should be informed of academic progress in a timely manne


II. The faculty of Heights High School will adhere to the following guidelines:


   A. Students will complete, on average, two assignments each week of instruction. The

      culminating grade for each grading period will be comprised of at least twelve individual grades.


   B. Graded assignments will be divided into two weighted categories.


         • Class work equals 40% of the classroom grade. Examples include homework, journals,

            discussion groups, class participation, group work, seat work, and note taking. Generally,

            these grades reflect the effort a student has applied to an assigned task.


         • Assessment equals 60% of the classroom grade. Examples include quizzes, exams, tests,

            projects, and presentations. Assessments are designed to determine student mastery over

            academic expectations outlined in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) of each



   C. When determining culminating grades, the following grading scale will be used

        GRADE SCALE:


             Letter Grade Numerical Range Quality Points

                  A 90 - 100       4

                  B 80 - 89         3

                  C 75 - 79         2

                  D 70 - 74         1

                  F 0 - 69           0

                  • One additional Quality Point will be added for each passed Advanced Placement and Pre-

                    Advanced Placement course

                  • No student shall be awarded a grade lower than 50% for any single grading period


   D. Students who miss an assignment due to absence, either excused or unexcused, or who

      receive a non-passing grade for an assignment, will be afforded a reasonable opportunity to

      remedy the failing grade. Generally, it is expected that students will make-up or resubmit an

      assignment within three days of an absence. Teachers maintain the discretion to extend the

      make-up or resubmission period.


   E. Teachers will maintain accurate and up-to-date student records on GradeSpeed. This tool

      provides parents with current attendance records and classroom conduct reports, as well as



A complete copy of HISD board policy on grading may be accessed through the HISD portal at www.houstonisd.org

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