Fs6 On Becoming A Teacher Reflection Essay

Field Study 6 Episode 1

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FS 6 On Becoming A Teacher

Name of FS Student: Catherine Q. Pagdato
Course & Year: BSED – 3
Resource Teacher: Rosie P. Pastolero Signature:_______________ Jerly M. Charlon Signature:_______________ Mrs. Gelda P. Estopil Signature:_______________

Cooperating School: Kalilangan National High School Your Target

At the end of this activity, you will gain competence in clarifying your values about teaching and in articulating and demonstrating one’s personal philosophy of teaching. The end goal is to be a positive role model for students.
Your Map

For you to be an effective teacher in the future it is important to…show more content…

3. Teacher’s Name: _Ms. Rosie P. Pastolero Subject Taught: Science (Biology) Level: 3rd year High School/Saphire a. My goal/s for my pupils/students are; the students will enjoy their learning in Basic Science and Biology. That they could apply it in every situation in life. b. What I really want to teach to my pupils/students are; I want to teach them the essence of Biology, that they will understand life, not just a Science but beyond that where we believed that there is a Creator of everything. Yes I am a Science Teacher, but I always inculcate to my students that GOD is behind everything. c. I will teach my pupils/students by; executing variety of learning resources and differentiated activities to address their unique strengths and needs. |

Teacher’s Values and Philosophy Matrix

Teacher’s Responses | Your Analysis Values Reflected | Your Analysis Philosophy Reflected | Your Reflection, your Comments and Reactions | TEACHER 1 | | | | a. Why Teach b. What to Teach c. How to Teach | To make her students a responsible and mature person – this is morally upright principleAcquiring knowledge for life application – this is very practical and helpfulTeaching through textbooks and other related resources – the basic guide for learning | ESSENTIALISMESSENTIALISMESSENTIALISM | I appreciate the passion that this Teacher is exhibiting

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Рубильник был расположен за фреоновыми насосами слева от тела Чатрукьяна, и Стратмор сразу же его. Ему нужно было повернуть рубильник, и тогда отключилось бы электропитание, еще остававшееся в шифровалке.

Потом, всего через несколько секунд, он должен был включить основные генераторы, и сразу же восстановились бы все функции дверных электронных замков, заработали фреоновые охладители и ТРАНСТЕКСТ оказался бы в полной безопасности. Но, приближаясь к рубильнику, Стратмор понял, что ему необходимо преодолеть еще одно препятствие - тело Чатрукьяна на ребрах охлаждения генератора.

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